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The Meaty Elbow


So macanthony30, osaft, and I (meatyelbow) did an RGD experiment.  We chose a common reference (you can see the photo at the bottom) and all attempted it with different media (Mine is watercolor, Mac’s is charcoal, Lairo’s is digital).  We took WIP shots throughout. which we compiled into process gifs. 

So chuckpalahniuk fan art, huh?  

Yeah, I understand you’ve been following all the social media postings for the last week or so.  Probably not the best idea to pin too many hopes on differentiating yourself in that saturated field.  Does a dandelion track every little seed after it blows its puffy load?  Is a virus going to reflect with affection after it bursts the host cell?

That, of course, presupposes the little dandelion seed can fly straight.  

Let’s face facts - if Chuck Pahalniuk wanted a caricature like this, he could fling a five dollar bill at any kid with an airbrush working at any carnival in any economically striken midwest small town.

Maybe you ought to just toss this one in the big plastic tub of unfinished, marginal failures and forget it.  Hope Don Knotts’ lawyer never catches wind of it and comes after you for using his likeness without permission.

Or just couch it in a ham-fisted parody of his writing style.  
That’s sure to help.  

He was just at Comic Con.  I’m sure he probably had all of two uninterrupted minutes there when he wasn’t faced by some kid in a costume nervously bleating his own quotes back at him.  

You can still save yourself from this.  This is every heartsick Junior High love note that causes you to cringe every now and then.  Scrub it.  Abort.  Pick up the phone and tell mission control today’s not really a good day.

You don’t have to click ‘Post’.

RGD Eyes.  Post was subsequently taken down by a moderator, but still works for /r/weeklystudy



RGD watercolor sketch

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